By Kofi Korankye Asamoah   /   Jan 01st, 2021


Over time I’ve been thinking

How could a haircut mean I’m sinning

Or a tattoo be so sinful?

And even long beard mean I’m criminal?

How does colored hair mean I’m hell bound?

Or pierced ears make man devil’s  child?

I’m not here to say tattoos are cool

Or leave your hair till it reaches the moon

But I think we have some big issues at hand

And some scripture we’ve misconstrued

If we were to live like the Jews back in the day

Then Lady Pastors would never even pray

Nor boys’ hair even allowed a simple fade

Or a lady show her beautiful hair for the world to gaze

Against our culture somethings do offend

But don’t mix my God’s love for what your ancestors said

My Jesus loves art and died artistically in the end

The climax to sin’s drama, on the cross He avenged

I’m not here to say walk naked or expose yourself to the wind

Or be a caricature of weird things that offend

Fact is we’re in Ghana and somethings will never change

But to love man and please Maker must be the reason for everything

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