By Melvina Quartey   /   Jan 01st, 2021


Clocks can’t tell you when’s the right time to take a pic


Clocks can’t tell you when’s the right time to shoot your pick

The moment is beautiful

Someone is telling a joke

It’s going to be a funny one

You’re the photographer

Now’s the time to get your camera up

But you don’t


“What if…”

What if what?

“What if they don’t laugh.”

“Ah” you said?

God says “Ah” too

When he places you in the perfect opportunity

What cue were you waiting for

-when someone asked if this “Jesus thing” was true?

-when friends were arguing whether sex before marriage was still a big deal?

-when you sat next to that young girl the bus for all those hours?

-when you were in whichever situation and you knew you had the power to say something?

But you swallowed the words didn’t you?

I’ve seen those moments too

And it’s all so clear to me now

How could the photographer not have taken a good portrait of me then?

How could I leave this scene without saying the right words?

The moment is always perfect

I mustn’t wait for a cue in

Or a big stage

To say what needs to be said

Or do what needs to be done.

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