By Melvina Quartey   /   Jan 01st, 2021

Small me

Immature me

Insecure me

Pretentious me

Cautious me

Scared me

Scarred me

Troubled me

Double-sided me

Seeking me

Couldn’t find me

Worried me

It worried me

Worldly me

Wordy me

Unworthy me

Hypo-critical me

Hyper-critical me

Critically needing thee

Finds you

Or let me say

Found by you

Meets you

Many times excited by you

Quickly mad about you

But quickly forgets about you

Poor you?

No, poor me

“Pour me”

You say “pour me”

“Thirsty? Drink me”

“Seek me”

“Find me”

“Know me”

No, me?

Runaway me?

Addict me?

Filthy me?

Why me?

“I’ll take you wholly”


I’m far from holy

“That’s why I said wholly”

You smiled at me

Chuckled even

Chose me

Wrapped me

In your arms, me?

Loved me

“There, there” me

I don’t see

How you wash me

But slowly


I feel a little more glee

A lot lighter

I used to be a fighter

I used to think I could do it better

That I’ll make myself better

But err…

Things are much better

Much easier

When I let you

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