By Kofi Korankye Asamoah   /   Jan 01st, 2021

We wake up thinking about our bright future every day
“God will bless us”, “He no go shame us”, “It go be”, “We go make am”.
Everyday “We mooove” to the future
Leaving what’s happening to plan for what’s coming

But wait. Take a second. Take a break.
Is that what God really wants us to do?

If we’ve been saying “God no go shame us” then, has He shamed us now?
If we say “God will bless us”, are we discounting what He’s blessed us with now?
If we say “It go be”, does it mean God has left us currently in abject spiritual and financial poverty?
Saying “The sun shall rise again”, while we seek shade during high noon today

The promises of the future are exciting, no doubt
But when we ignore what we have for what we will have, is that really God’s will?
“For the Present is the point at which time touches eternity.”, words of CS Lewis
Are we caught up with the chase of tomorrow that we forget that today is the answer to yesterday’s prayer for a future?
We’re here now for a reason, primed to make impact, to transform
So thank God and rejoice for the present of the present
A timely gift like this, my God doesn’t miss!
Don’t make the future or it’s blessings your idol and God, it’s rival
Make the present your canvas, God the artist, your life the paintbrush.

-Energy 🚀

Inspired by Chapter 15 of the Screwtape Letters by CS Lewis

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