Who We Are

When K.K. Baidoo perceived the need of Teens for a youthfully intense fellowship similar to what they enjoyed in SHS, he started a bible study course in 2004 to fulfill that need. After running the course with two graduate classes, all the students expressed an excitement for more. Therefore the graduate class of 2005 was excited with a reason to continue to fellow-ship- this time to produce and sell a full color Christian magazine!

On the lights out evening of 8th October 2005, K.K. Baidoo with the help of Godfred Odei Boateng, gathered a group of young people together in the basement of Mt. Olivet Methodist Church, Dansoman to hold the first official meeting. Today, K.K and Godfred with their wives, Valeria and Mavis respectively continue to touch thousands of young people globally with one message: “God has a purpose for you so get serious to catch it and spread the good news!”


To challenge a young generation to believe in their gifted purpose and passionately pursue Jesus Christ to take His life-giving message to the ends of the earth.


To accomplish our vision, we set out to worship God intimately whilst sing our talents and energies as young people to promote the gospel globally primarily to other young people through relevant modern ministries and events.

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