Sub Ministries

Teens Aloud reaches out to young people mainly through specialized sub ministries which work through their creative uniqueness to reach young people. All subministries unite under the same vision of Teens Aloud but only differ in the way they go about accomplishing the vision. As of now there are twelve sub ministries with


This is the sub ministry that ensures that opportunities are always created for us to reach out to teenagers in the junior High Schools. We do this through leading and teaching them during their worship times in school, organizing career guidance courses to help them discover who they are and which course will be most appropriate for them to pursue in High school. We also have exam seminars where we teach final year students how to succeed in their exams the right way.

Sermon on The Sofa

In a quest to continuously innovate modern and relevant ways to reach out to Teens, we developed in the year 2007, a unique entertainment package. Sermon on the Sofa is a mixed-bag evangelistic event intended to be a very hilarious, edifying and educative. Starting from Ghana in Achimota school in 2007 the train has travelled many schools and recently Sisekelo High School in Swaziland. Sermon on Sofa is also held in communities where young people are predominant.  



This sub ministry seeks to reach young people using sports, games and other experiential learning methods. Sportstronic believes in harnessing the energies of young people, which is in abundance, to focus on Jesus.

Aloud Creative

The vision of Teens Aloud asserts that every young person is gifted. Aloud creative therefore seeks to create a platform where young people with talents either in the liberal, visual or performing arts are given the opportunity to use it to fulfill the vision of Teens Aloud.

The Eye

This subministry plays the watchman role for Teens Aloud by raising intercessors and young people with revelational gifts to pray into the nations as well as all the activities of Teens Aloud.

Bank TAF

This sub ministry is responsible for managing the entire finance and administration of the organization. With the vision of becoming a bank in future, Bank TAF ensures that enough money flows in both from within and without the organization in order to cover every expenses incurred by the organization.

Faithbook Media

Through all forms of media from electronic, print, social, audio and visual, Faithbook Media seeks to hype a Christian alternative to popular youth culture since it is directly fueled by media hype.  Faithbook Media also trains young people excited about media.

Aloud Care

It is the compassion ministry of Teens Aloud. Through the provision of basic needs of life namely food, shelter and clothing, this sub ministry passes on the love of God. Also under their educare programme many young people are sponsored through their education.

Globewide Missions

In fulfillment of the vision of Teens Aloud to take the life-giving message of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth, this subministry create opportunities across the world for young people to share their faith.  Launched in July 2011, Globewide has spread through Africa entering into Asia and growing.

Purpose Lyceum

Through classroom instruction, internships and life transforming events, Purpose Lyceum equips young people to gain discipline to influence the world by making their faith in Jesus the foundation of their lives. Purpose Lyceum has rolled out many residential and distance programmes including the Pre-SHS programme which has  dozens of graduates celebrating Jesus to the admiration of parents.


Camp Vista

Camps are a powerful means of re-igniting passions, building strong social networks and challenging worldviews. Camp Vista therefore builds and organizes camps for young people across the world with the aim of creating an atmosphere of change through interaction; interaction with Jesus Christ and with Christian friends. 

Love Fellowships

Everything starts from this sub ministry which seeks to bring young people together to regularly meet and spur themselves unto love and good works (Hebrews 10:24). So wherever young people are found whether in communal settlements , schools, universities or offices Love Fellowships are located. In the process all Teens Aloud members belong to a Love Fellowship.

Aloud Choir

Many young people desire to connect to God through worship. Aloud Choir therefore seeks to equip young people around the world to understand the lifestyle of worship whilst affording them opportunities to use their gifts and talents in corporate worship sessions as well.