The last time I checked temptation occurs when evil desire lurking somewhere inside you entices you into sin. So temptation as the word sounds, is not sin but can lead to sin.

We humans are desire beings. God created us that way so that we could LOVE. Love can be described as sacrificing for someone or something based on your desire. So the Psalmist can relate his love for God to how the deer thirsts after the water brooks. (Psalm 42)

Desire is part of us, so we will always be chasing for one thing or the other. There is no one time that anyone can say; "I have no desire" for in that statement is desire if you know what I mean. When desire turns evil or selfish it is usually referred to as LUST. Desire is a product of our little daily compromises that build up significance until they start demanding for attention. So when the Bible says flee temptation, how exactly are we to do that especially when we realize the need to flee but simply do not have the muscle to do so?

Well, the key is building muscle before the fight and I don't by any means suggest physical muscle. What I mean is we should be prepared for "temptation day" before the day. In the book of second Timothy chapter two verse twenty two, we are told to flee youthful lust and instead PURSUE righteousness, faith, love and peace along with those who call on the name of the LORD out of a pure heart. Within that verse is hidden a mystery: THE KEY TO FLEE IS TO DEVELOP NEW DESIRES LIKE RIGHTEOUSNESS......

That is so true of many young people. We are living in an era where many young people allow negative sources like the media to nurture evil desire in them to the extent that they tend to believe that it is their nature...but that is a big lie of the devil. God created and saw us as good.

Prepare for your day of temptation by placing new targets that you are pursuing. When it comes to righteousness for example you can by deciding to say start that quiet time thing by spending five minutes. PURSUE faith for example by believing that you can quit that addiction because God's word says that you are new and the old is gone even though you don't see it.

You can pursue love for example by understanding that God loves you uniquely and then follow to share that love with others by telling them the good news through a simple means as sharing a verse with someone through a text message. You can pursue peace by deciding to be patient with others by forgiving them even when it hurts. All this pursuit must be done within an environment of friends who also have similar desires. This means you must audit your friends and change them.

Friends, this key worked for me without struggle, the key is to start small and grow from there. When in doubt speak to someone who can help you. God bless you.