It's the exam time yet again. The Basic Education Certificate Examination(B.E.C.E) starts on Monday the 11th April 2011 and the West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (W.A.S.S.C.E) is already underway.

Some candidates have thoroughly prepared and are ready, others have joked around a little, and yet others have a cheating plan. Cheating in the exam room involves so many cunning, funny and clandestine methods which sometimes eludes the sharpest of invigilators.

I have a policy, a strict one of course. It reads: In the exam room I am a friend ONLY before "start work" and after "stop work" (the opposite is also true). I take quite sometime to store stuff in my mind because I am the type that wants to understand and not just cram. After storing all the knowledge in my mind, I need all the peace to be able to reproduce it for the examiner.

Cheaters who stretch their necks at my blind side can get away with it. Those who make the mistake to whisper my name without moving their lips suddenly realize soon that I am not exactly the person you can call friend, because you would not even get a shrug from me. However if whisper symptoms continue after ten minutes, I will report to the nearest invigilator.

Strict invigilators ensure that there is peace in the exam room. We need peace; perfect peace and that is fully in the hands of my very own STRICT INVIGILATOR.

K.K. Baidoo