Ten quick notes on Leading others

Many of us have raging within us an innate desire to pour ourselves into others. All of us are called to lead if we really come to the realization that leadership is all about influence. If you desire to influence others then here are ten quick notes adapted from 10 Leadership Lessons from the Karate Kid movie.

  • Mentor (pour into) and coach (pull out of) the people you lead.
  • Give room for failure
  • Protect them when necessary.
  • Engage them physically, emotionally, and intellectually.
  • Use unusual, yet beneficial, techniques when training them.
  • Be both patient and impatient, depending on what the situation demands.
  • Give them 'a mat' on which to demonstrate what they learn.
  • Care for them as a person and as a young leader.
  • Believe in what they could be and what they can do.
  • To crown it all celebrate with the