Today, I am very happy, very happy. Why?
Simple...the news I received this morning assures me that some of the wrong things Ghanaian teens blindly copy in the name of westernization are eschewed by the Westerners themselves. 
According to The Telegraph, Teens in Florida are set to be banned by law from wearing low-slung jeans that reveal their underwear. Senate Bill 228, also known as the "Pull Your Pants Up" Bill, was last week overwhelmingly approved by the state legislature. It is expected to be signed by Governor Rick Scott this week.
The measure prohibits students from wearing clothing that "exposes their undergarments" or "indecently exposes their body parts" while they are at school. A worrying trend is a propensity to expose underwear and sometimes the buttocks.
It is aimed at putting an end to the Hip-Hop-influenced trend, favoured especially by young men, in which jeans are worn around the buttocks rather than the waist.
I am however not too sure if the ban is the best way out though, especially when many young people are into it. What then happens is that it becomes difficult to punish everybody. Some of these behaviours stem from in innate desire of young people to identify and belong.
The solution for me is to infuse these teens with a strong sense of purpose which begins in God. I have seen countless young people resolve on their own to carry themselves honourably after they got to understand that they were sent on earth by God for a unique assignment.