My Name Is James

"My name is James", was all that he said to me! It took a good number of seconds before I got it! His name was James and he was a Christian and no he would not be celebrating the up and coming Devalli festival this Monday, October the 27th!

Devalli is the most festive of the Hindu festivals here in India. lots of family time, lots of sweets, lots of crackers, and of course the visit to the temple.

James was his name and he was a Christian and he would not be participating....why did I not get it the first time he said his name? He looked just like most of the other staff at the front desk of the hotel and yet his name made it clear to him that he was different and I did not get it!

This reminded me of one of the few movies that I saw as a teenager. It was a grade nine English class film is the cafeteria and of course there was a 16mm film projector set up for the event. (one of those projectors where the bulb always blew out half way through the story) We were just going to start reading Robert Bolt's play, a man for all seasons. It was my first introduction to Sir Thomas More. Somewhere about the middle of that film and likewise in the printed script, someone asked Thomas: who are you? His response is quite short: I am a Christian! That was a powerful moment in that film which still impacts me to this day!

It is too bad that we have to state who we are…but when we do, it would be great if it could always be short and clear to those we meet along the way.

I would like James to meet Thomas...they are made of the same bent.