How to Spend an Hour in Prayer

I know an hour seems like a long time to pray.
There are many patterns you could use to format your extended prayer time but here’s away to structure an hour in prayer with 12 Bible-based sections.  Spend about 5 minutes on each focus point and you will spend an hour in prayer before you know it.
  1. Praise God for His Traits — The Psalms are an excellent source for mining a list of the Lord’s attributes.
  2. Waiting in God’s Presence as He Loves You — Silently invite Jesus to help you experience his love for you.
  3. Confession — Ask the Holy Spirit to search your life for some attitude or action he wants to change.
  4. Read the Bible — Read a passage aloud.  The Bible’s message is meant  to be heard.
  5. Pray the Bible — Reword the verses you just read to make them a prayer.
  6. Pray for Others — Jesus in interceding for us in heaven.  Join him in this holy work.
  7. Pray for Your Needs — Present your requests to your loving Heavenly Father.
  8. Thank God — Recount all his blessings and answers to prayer.
  9. Sing to God — Sing your favorite hymn or worship song.  Create a new song from your heart.
  10. Think About The Bible — Mull over a verse that stood out in your reading.  Consider how it applies to your life.
  11. Listen for God’s Quiet Voice — Simply invite the Spirit to speak and listen.
  12. Praise God Again — Worship him for who he is.

Have you spent an hour in prayer?  What pattern did you follow?